What Does Nail Fungus Look Like?

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The question what does nail fungus look like? This is usually asked because there is something wrong with one of the person’s nails. When this is asked, the best thing to do is bring the person to a doctor and have the nail looked at. As it may be something extremely serious.

Infected nails are usually caused by accidents that seem harmless. One may have stubbed their toe, or maybe a book may have fallen on your foot. The danger here is that the person could dismiss the discoloration as part of the accident and let it stay for a week or two, allowing the infection to spread during that time.

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Bacteria and Nail Fungus

You should know that bacteria actually live underneath the toe, between the nail and the tender part of the skin. This is why proper care should be taken while handling this area. If an accident happens and the skin in that area is broken, some bacteria may be able to enter the toe. Then start to cause damage. If the damage is bad enough, it may cost the person the toe itself, so it is best to be careful.

Nail fungus may be in the toe area already once you see that the color of the toenail has changed. If the toe is of a yellow or black shade, there might be a fungus under the toenail already. More so if there seems to be debris that can be seen under the toe. This is because the fungus is already growing.

Oooh, That Smell!

A bad smell may also indicate that the toe is already infected. This smell may be caused by certain liquids that are being excreted from under the toenail. This is a clear indication of an infection. If pain accompanies these symptoms, be sure to seek medical help. Procedures may need to be done on the toe in order to save it.

If faced with pain in the nail that stops you from doing your daily activities, don’t take the time to ask, what does nail fungus look like? But just go ahead and consult a doctor. Though there are several treatments for nail fungus, it may not help if you are using the wrong treatment. Treating infections on your own may result in worse injuries, and more extreme measures once a doctor is involved. The first thing that has to be done is to consult a doctor so that the infection may be confirmed. From there, you can determine what medication and supplements may be used to make your foot better.