What are Tinea Infections?

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Tinea infections are diseases of the skin which are the result of coming into contact with a fungus. There are several different types of this infection. Although they are not dangerous, they can be highly irritating and make you feel very itchy and sore.

Methods Of Transmission

These kinds of infections can be easily transmitted from person to person in a variety of methods. Including simply touching someone who has the infection, walking through or on water, or a wet surface where a person who is infected has recently passed over the area. Or even from a pet. Pets tend to carry ringworm. You may not even notice this infection unless your pet starts to lose patches of hair and you examine the skin more closely.

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The reason ringworm is referred to as this is because the infection will have an itchy, rashy area, surrounded by a ring. This is not caused by an actual worm, but rather a fungal infection. Children are usually affected by ringworm because they tend to be in close proximity to pets and come into contact with them the most.

Athlete’s Feet and Jock Itch

Athlete’s feet and jock itch are two other common infections caused by Tinea fungus. Jock itch is similar to athlete’s feet, but it is found in the groin area. Athlete’s feet involve a great deal of red, rashy, itchy skin. It can crack and have a burning sensation, between your toes. Wearing sandals or water shoes around public pools or spas can help to prevent you from contracting this infection. The compulsion to scratch this area and relieve the itch can be overwhelming. So you are probably going to want some kind of relief. Before you go out to a place where it is not going to be appropriate to scratch furiously.

Follow Through with Treatment

Tinea infections are common and if you have one, the best thing you can do is to seek treatment and start using it. Many over-the-counter creams are available and will provide immediate relief for your Tinea infections. You need to continuously apply the treatments and follow the course of treatment through to the end. If you notice that your infections tend to recur, you should take a look at the places that you frequent. Also, where you walk barefoot, what you touch, or more importantly who you touch. In the same way, make sure that you treat everything with an antifungal spray to eliminate any fungal spores that linger on sandals, shoes, or other clothing items.