Wearing Nail Polish With Toenail Fungus

Wearing nail polish with toenail fungus can be a major reason why you cannot eliminate your toenail fungus.   Your nail is a porous covering that protects your nail bed from damage and disease.

When a toenail fungus gets under your nail bed, wearing nail polish with toenail fungus can mean that it is not possible to treat the fungus effectively.   Nail polish seals your toenail, effectively sealing in the fungus and protecting the fungus from your particular course of treatment.   This is especially true with topical treatments.   If you want to treat your fungus, you will need to remove the nail polish.

In addition, it can be easy to miss the fact that you have a nail fungus infection if you are wearing nail polish.   You cannot detect any color changes in your nail if it is painted with polish.   Sometimes nail polish can take several months to grow out before you remove it or simply reapply more polish onto your nail.   In this way, toenail fungus can get out of control and before you even realize that you have toenail fungus, it is too late.

If you do your own pedicures at home, you should make a point of inspecting your nails often, at least once every two to three weeks.   Make sure that you fully remove all nail polish, clean and trim your nails, push back the cuticles or trim them when necessary.   It is far better to use a cuticle remover solution than to attempt to trim the cuticles as cuticles can easily become infected.

Toenail fungus grows slowly and so it may be some time before you notice any adverse effects from that fungal growth.   By that time, it may be difficult to treat the fungus, and this is a good reason to use oral spray medication.   Spraying a medication orally into your mouth ensures that it quickly gets into the bloodstream to attack and kill the fungus.   Your nails are fed by numerous blood vessels, so this is a good way to treat the infection.

Natural remedies are safe and effective treatments against nail fungal infections.   They are cost-effective and affordable, and they often contain many essential oils that have no side effects as prescription medications do.   If you insist on wearing nail polish with toenail fungus, then try a nail polish featured below on this page.

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