Ways To Clean Your Toenails

Part of your hygiene regime should be routine cleaning of your toenails and there are certain ways to clean your toenails in order to prevent infection and/or fungus.   Once you have an issue with a fungal infection, it can recur and become very troublesome, becoming chronic.

Since prevention is the best treatment for toenail fungus and infection, you should take the time to inspect and clean your toenails at least one time per week.   Begin with a cursory examination of all of your toes.   If your toenails are not discolored or misshapen, everything is likely just fine.

On the other hand, if you notice some discoloration, you can do a short and easy cleaning routine which should take care of the problem.

*Gather together some nail clippers, cotton balls, and an old toothbrush.
*Cut your nails straight across with the clippers.
*Clean around your nails using the cotton balls and clear out any debris underneath the nails with a stick (you can purchase these in the dental aisle at your local drug store)
*Cover the discolored toenails with a salicylic acid plaster and cover that with an adhesive bandage.
*Keep your toes dry while you have this plaster applied.
*Clean the area with warm water and soap and then apply antiseptic.
*Use the toothbrush to clear away any debris in and around your nail.
*Soak your feet with warm water and Epsom salts weekly.
*Brush back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher and remove extra cuticle with cuticle remover.
*Rub moisturizer onto your toenails and massage it in.   Certain moisturizers work better than others because they can be more easily absorbed.

The key to preventing a fungal infection is to keep your feet dry and clean at all times.   If you perform regular maintenance, you should not run into any problems.

Certain supplements can go a long way to preventing or correcting toenail fungus, including:

*Garlic tablets twice daily
*Omega 3 fatty acid tablets

It is very important never to use sharp instruments on or around your nails.   Do not dig under your nails with anything sharp, this can break the skin or push the dirt deeper under the nail and encourage an infection to set in.   Never cut your nails too short, as this will expose the nail bed and make it much more vulnerable to infection.

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