Vicks for Nail Fungus

Is Vicks for Nail Fungus an effective treatment?

Some people believe that Vicks for nail fungus is an effective treatment. They believe that applying this to their toenails will eradicate the fungus and then they are a disappointment when they see little or no improvement after repeated applications of it to their toenails.

Vicks contains an ingredient called Thymol which is the effective ingredient for getting rid of the fungus, but it is not in a large concentration, and it is not very efficient or very effective in getting rid of the fungus. It tends to work much better if it is more concentrated as in a separate treatment. It is possible to obtain products such as Amoresse thymol online or possibly in your local health food store or vitamin shop.

Prescription treatments for nail fungus are usually Lamisil, which has some very serious side effects such as damage to your liver. Many people are largely unaware of the danger of prescription medications and add to that the fact that these medications need to be taken over an extended period of time, you have a recipe for disaster.

This is one of the main reasons why people are on the lookout for more natural remedies and you may see the question, is Vicks for nail fungus an effective treatment? on many message boards. While it is effective, to a certain extent, it may just hold the spread of the infection at bay, but it may not be effective in getting rid of the infection. Topical solutions that spread on the nail like nail polish and dry onto the nail or penetrate the nail bed are the most effective solutions.

Vicks for nail fungus is used by certain people but do not truly get rid of the problem or of the infection. You are far better off to use an all-natural treatment that has a combination of ingredients that will eliminate the problem for good, rather than calming the side effects for a short time only.

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