Toenail Split

Is your toenail split?

If you notice at some point that you have a toenail split, then you may need to examine it much more closely. Why would you do this? First of all, you may need to specifically determine if you have smashed your toenail on something, or is it something much more insidious, such as a fungal infection.

toenail split

Upon closer examination, you may see or notice more than just your toenail split. Perhaps your nail is discolored or is fragile or crumbling. Maybe the nail is thicker than the corresponding nail on your other foot. Make a note of all of these differences, and then compare them to a list of toenail fungus symptoms. Do all of the symptoms match? If you have more than four of the list of symptoms, it is likely that you have toenail fungus.

If you are at the point where you are experiencing a toenail split, then your nails are very damaged and you should find some treatment immediately. When the nail starts to split, you are opening yourself up to infection, because the nail is being compromised and it leaves your nail bed vulnerable and open to attack from the outside by viruses and bacteria.

Many people do not even notice when they have a fungal infection in their toes, because it develops slowly over time and if there are no outward symptoms or signs, they may not have any concerns. Often, these infections take hold in older people (seniors) who may not be able to reach their toes or may need to see a nail care specialist to trim and treat the nails regularly.

If you notice you have a toenail split, you should not ignore it. This is your body telling you that there is a serious problem that needs your attention immediately. Make sure you find a treatment that you can live with and start using it as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you do not notice a change in your nails immediately, the discoloration or crumbly/split areas will have to grow out over time.

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