Toenail Fungus Symptoms

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Not everyone inspects their feet every day, but if you are susceptible to infection, you should take the time and care to look at your feet daily and watch for toenail fungus symptoms.

Some toenail fungus symptoms include (but are not limited to):

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* Crumbling nails that are soft and powdery on the surface as the infection becomes worse or develops.

* Spots or streaks on the surface of the nail that can be various colors but most commonly are white.

* Nail surface can be brown or grey and crumbly.

* Nail separates from the nail bed or the skin underneath or surrounding the nail.

* Debris builds up under the skin.

* The nail becomes thicker or discolored.

* Streaks appear in and under the nail that can be various colors, often yellow.

* You may experience pain when you walk, it might be uncomfortable wearing shoes or standing for long periods of time.

If you ignore toenail fungus symptoms, the infection will worsen and spread. Over time, this infection can cause very serious damage to your toenail or to the bed underneath the toenail. It is important to be aware of the fact that you may have an infection and to treat your toenail fungus symptoms as soon as you notice that you have an infection.

There are a wide variety of treatments available that can be very effective, some of them are topical and simple to use, others are oral medications, and often these oral treatments can take several months to be effective in treating toenail fungus symptoms.

Often, the best treatment is prevention, and just taking the time to care for your feet properly can go a very long way. It is crucial that you wash and dry your feet before bed and when you get up in the morning. You should always ensure that if you frequent public swimming pools or gyms that you wear footwear that will protect you from contracting a fungal infection.

The three main types of fungus, either separately or in combination, can cause toenail fungus infections, and these are Dermatophytes, Yeasts, and Molds. These are determined and classified by how they begin and what parts of your foot they affect. There are other conditions that can mimic toenail fungus symptoms, so it is important that you properly identify the symptoms and ensure that they are not symptoms of another condition.