Toe Nail Problems

Often people who have toenail problems are slow to treat them because they are used to the pain and symptoms and have learned to live with them. The main issue with toenail problems is that they are slow to develop and before you know it, you can have a very serious infection that can spread to each and every toe and even to your other foot.

The main and determining factor of the severity of an infection is early detection. This means regularly inspecting your toes to keep an eye on toenail problems. Caring for your feet is essential and taking the time to properly trim nails is of the utmost importance. Nails should never be cut at sharp angles or torn off. They need to be carefully trimmed, straight across. In addition, you should keep your eye on the coloration of your nails. If you notice that they are a strange color, including yellow, brown, white or black, this can be an indication of an infection.

Once toenail problems develop, they can be difficult to treat. Topical ointments may prove effective because they can be absorbed through the nail and into the nail bed. The reason they are so effective is that the nail may be thickened due to the infection. There are also oral medications that can be very effective, but the ones prescribed by a doctor can have some very serious side effects and require close monitoring by your medical professional.

Toenail problems, such as serious infections can be difficult to get rid of and require a longer course of treatment, sometimes up to three months, to ensure that the fungus is completely eradicated. Even after treatment, it is important to keep a watchful eye on your toes for reinfection.

It is common for older people (over 60) to be very susceptible to toenail problems. Also, if you smoke or have diabetes, you will be prone to infections, more so than people without underlying conditions. Often, toenail problems are an indication of underlying diseases that may be undiagnosed. This is a very good reason to seek professional help for a proper diagnosis if you are unsure about what you are suffering from. This may mean that your doctor will take a sample of your nail and test it for various tests. Toenail problems should never be left untreated, they will only worsen and become painful.

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