Toe Fungus Treatment Steps

So you’re working with a toe fungus treatment and you’re applying this and rubbing on that, maybe some powder product or some type of home remedy. Jeez, I hope it’s not that. Home remedies just don’t work. They don’t do a complete cure. Your nail fungus will not be gone. Sure, you’ll be seeing some pleasant results for a while, new skin growth under the nail and think you have it under control. So you stop treatment and think everything is fine. Then you notice some fungus around the edges of the nail. You should not stop treatment until you’re sure that the toe fungus is completely gone and you can’t be sure when you’re using a home remedy. You need a product that goes deep in the nail bed to get to the toe fungus.

For toe fungus treatment you should follow these steps:

  • Get yourself some new toenail clippers or manicure scissors and use them for the infected nails ONLY. The fungus can spread to other toes just by using the same clippers on all your toes. A good idea is to get some rubbing alcohol for disinfecting the skin and nail as well as the tools. However, rubbing alcohol only goes so far in sterilizing tools and is good in a pinch. To be on the safe side I would suggest getting some sterilization liquid-like Cidex Plus. On the toenails that have an infection, make sure your nails are trimmed close.
  • Next, you’ll want to soak your foot, better yet soak both feet. You don’t want one foot getting jealous of the other. Just an idea, take a nice relaxing bath, about 20 minutes ought to do it. That should soften your skin by the nails.
  • After a soak makes sure your feet are completely dry and pay particular attention to between your toes, then start your toe fungus treatment with an anti-fungal product that contains natural ingredients like essential oils, as this work best and don’t cause any side effects. Follow the instructions that came with it using only enough to cover the infected areas with the applicator. Do not put so much on that it’s running down your toes, that’s only wasting it. After applying the product, leave to dry for about a half-hour before putting on any socks or shoes.
  • Then repeat doing this every day, sometimes more than once a day, follow the instructions. At the end of the day allow yourself 30 minutes before retiring to wash and completely dry your feet before applying the product. Just to be sure it has time to dry and not rub off on your blanket.

The process of toe fungus treatment requires patience and takes time, weeks, sometimes months. Let it work for you and not rush anything. You’ll also want to apply a little product to the other toes that aren’t infected to prevent infecting them. If there is any skin that can be removed easily, then do so without force. If for some reason that you did remove some skin before you should have and there is some pain or some bleeding, then I suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible. You don’t want things to get worse. Keep an eye out for any new signs of fungus and don’t stop treatment until you have total elimination.

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