Toe Fungi

Toe Fungi is the primary cause of most of the common types of fungal infections afflicting tens of millions of Americans every year. The most common symptoms of this disease are nail discoloration, relative discomfort, and nail disintegration. There are only a handful of such fungi that are capable of living on human tissues found in human nails although there are many species of fungi in the world. This nail-invading group of fungi is called dermatophytes. This same group can also live on skin, nails, and hair. Toe fungi can be spread from one person to another. The rest of the fungi belong to a group called saprophytes that dwell on decaying organic elements and materials. Saprophytes can also infect nails albeit on an accidental basis only.

More than ten percent of Americans are regularly affected by toe fungi. The current trend shows that the risk of infection increases with age. Fungal infection of the fingernails can also happen although nail invasion is more prevalent on nails probably because the toenails have, more than often, direct contact with earth and floors. Feet are also less washed compared to fingers and spend more time covered in socks and humid environments such as boots and shoes. Nail-invading fungus normally starts attacking toenails then spreads to other areas.

A developing toe fungi colony is, most of the time, difficult to get rid of. Fungi live under and within the nail itself, getting sustenance from proteins in the nails, hair, and skin cells. Nails are designed to protect the flesh under them and are excellent shields against external elements. But it does not work against fungi. Once a colony managed to seep inside the nail it gets vulnerable. The most effective medications to kill these invaders should be able to go under the nails and destroy the colony under the nails just like the fungi. People suffering from this kind of ailment must have patience in dealing with it since nails grow slowly, and usually take months to heal and look normal again.

There are many effective medications for toe fungi infections. They can be acquired in local drugstores but many of them can also be bought online at a much cheaper price with a money-back guarantee if proper results are not obtained as promised.

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