Thick Toenail

What causes thick toenail?

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Have you noticed that you have a thick toenail? What exactly causes this? There could be a few things that may cause a thick toenail, but the reason why your toenail gets thicker is because it is a mechanism or natural defense of your body to thicken the nail to protect the nail bed underneath where you can become vulnerable or susceptible to infection if your nail is removed or otherwise damaged.

It might be something as simple as your nail rubbing on your shoe, and this is irritating to your toe, and so your nail becomes thicker. Of course, having a thicker nail can be annoying because it is much more noticeable or out of place than your other toes. Of course, the one time when you would become much more conscious of this is when you are wearing less, like when you wear sandals in the summertime or are at a public pool or perhaps even when you are at the gym.

No matter what the cause, you will want to deal with it so that you do not have to feel self-conscious about it. If there is an infection beneath the nail, you will want to deal with that sooner rather than later. Although infections under the nail grow very slowly, you will want to deal with them as soon as possible, because they do take a very long time to resolve.

If you notice that you have a thick toenail, try to determine why you have the issue. Is it environmental because of a shoe or an irritant, or is it a sign of a fungal infection? Whatever the case may be, you are going to need to seek treatment soon and take great care to follow the instructions of the treatment as carefully as possible. Since the nail fungus is so slow-growing, it tends to take a great deal of time to fully eliminate it as well.

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