toenail discoloration

Toenail Split

Is your toenail split? If you notice at some point that you have a toenail split, then you may need to examine it much more closely. Why would you do this? First of all, you may need to specifically determine if you have smashed your toenail on something, or if it something much more insidious, …

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Toenail Infection

Most of the time, whenever you notice that you have a toenail infection it may be too late since the infection has already fully developed as there are not many visible symptoms of nail fungal infection other than a simple toenail discoloration, possibly the first sign that you’ll detect. A toenail infection caused by fungus …

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Toenail Discoloration

If perhaps you’ve discovered some toenail discoloration, its possible you have a fungal nail infection. In most cases, a fungal infection can be somewhat advanced as soon as there are indications of it. The common symptoms of a fungal nail infection tend to be thickening of the nails, crumbling as well as splitting or brittleness, …

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