Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Effectiveness

Have you been looking into toenail fungus laser treatment effectiveness?

laser treatmentYou may have tried every product available in your local pharmacy and are now considering toenail fungus laser treatment effectiveness.   While laser is a newer treatment, it is a good choice for many.   The laser treatment, on average, requires about ten minutes per toe.

Many prescription medications carry the threat of possible kidney failure with them, and laser treatments do not.     These treatments offer a long lasting and effective cure while most over the counter topical treatments only work about 10% of the time.

Be prepared, though, to pay $200 to $500 per treatment with toenail fungus laser treatment effectiveness.   Your HMO will not cover the cost of this, because it is considered to be a cosmetic treatment.   Most of us do not have this kind of money to throw at toenail fungus treatments, and this is simply not an option.

If you are desperate for a solution to this chronic problem and are interested in toenail laser treatment effectiveness, but cannot afford these treatments, do not despair.   There are some highly affordable and natural treatments that are often overlooked by toenail fungus sufferers.

There are three products that are all natural and affordable, and these include:

Zetaclear natural ingredients include Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Mancinella, Arsenicum Album, Antimonium Curdum, Vitamin E Oil, Undecyclenic Acid, Nitricum Acidum.   The combination of these ingredients is a proprietary formula that works to eradicate the recurring problem with a topical solution that is applied directly to your toenails.
Funginix contains ingredients that fight and eliminate infections with a topical treatment, including: undecylenic acid, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, menthol, tea tree oil, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, and lavandula angustifolia oil, amongst other ingredients.   A topical product is a very convenient form of treatment for most people.
Claripro is made up of a topical treatment and a oral homeopathic treatment in combination so you can attack the problem with two methods.   The ingredients are not listed on the website, but the product is described as containing a proprietary formula of all natural oils.   Perhaps this product is so effective, that the ingredients are a closely guarded secret.

In short, toenail fungus laser treatment effectiveness is one way to eradicate a long standing problem, but it is far too expensive for most people.   The three aforementioned products are very affordable, do not have any serious side effects and carry a money back guarantee so that you can try them with no risk.

Nail Fungus Remedies

Confused by the various options you have when it comes to nail fungus remedies?   Honestly, you are not alone.   Whether this is your first experience with treating this issue or an ongoing ailment, you may have tried many remedies and not found one that suits your needs.

Although many nail fungus remedies are not overly expensive, the cost can add up if you continue to purchase products that do not solve your problem.   While a trip to your doctor can arm you with a prescription, this is not always the solution.   You might wonder why this is the case.

Prescription medicines that are specifically formulated to treat nail fungus have many drawbacks, including:

1. Side effects.   Many people will endure a few side effects to cure an ailment; however, the side effects associated with specific prescriptions for nail fungus can be extremely harmful as well as dangerous.   You will need to be monitored closely by your doctor during the entire course of your treatment and this is why many doctors are hesitant to prescribe these medications unless your particular infection is severe and troublesome.
2. Your insurance company may not cover the cost and these medications can be extremely expensive.   Most insurance companies require specific testing to confirm the presence of infection and even then, they may refuse to cover your treatment.   The testing that you will need to have done can be extremely expensive.
3. If you are taking any other medications, the medications prescribed for nail fungus have a risk of interacting with those medications.   In addition, if you have a history of blood or liver disease, you may not be able to take these medications.   It is also extremely dangerous to drink alcohol while taking these kinds of prescription medications.

Fortunately, the alternatives to these medications are natural nail fungus remedies.   Many of these treatments are used by people who suffer from nail fungus because they are inexpensive, effective, contain natural and non-harmful ingredients and do not require a prescription.   You do not have to worry about adverse side effects, expensive treatments and the risk of not being covered by your insurance company, because you will not need to claim the cost, as it is fairly inexpensive when compared to traditional prescription medications.

Natural treatments contain non-harmful ingredients including natural oils and other ingredients that have no side effects.   The only real drawback to these nail fungus remedies is usually the length of time required to effectively treat your fungus.