Treat Nail Fungus At Home

Can you treat nail fungus at home?

One of the most frequently asked questions about nail infections is: can you treat nail fungus at home? Almost any ailment can be treated at home, so long as you have an effective treatment to use on the affected area or condition.   You have access to many treatments that are used and have been used successfully by thousands of people every day, right here on this site.

It is simple to comparison shop, when all of the most effective products are reviewed and offered on the same pages so that you can do your research and gather all of the information you require to select the appropriate treatment for your needs. When you decide to treat nail fungus at home, you can choose from different types of treatments. There are three basic types, and these include:

An oral treatment can be a pill or a drop style treatment. The most important point to remember is that you follow the directions given;
A topical treatment comes in a bottle and is a nail polish style application, it is simply brushed onto the nail daily, several times per day.
A combination of both the oral and topical treatments effectively attacking the fungus from all fronts.

The most important thing to remember is to read the directions from start to finish, and follow the recommended course of treatment. There is no point in starting a treatment if you do not plan to follow through and complete it. If you do this, you may effectively make the fungus immune to the next treatment that you try, not unlike a superbug that is resistant to penicillin.

With a serious shortage of doctors these days, it has become necessary to seek the treatment of non life threatening health conditions on your own, where possible. Times have changed a lot and many very effective treatments are available online with a money back guarantee making it so that you do not have to be concerned about ordering one of these treatment options.

It is entirely possible to treat nail fungus at home, without the need to consult a physician. These non prescription treatment options are much more cost effective, with little or no serious side effects, and they are completely convenient. You can decide when and where to treat your nail fungus, and incorporate it into your daily routine when treatment application suits you the best.

Kill Nail Fungus

If you suffer with constant nail infections, you are probably looking for a solution to kill nail fungus once and for all.   If you have not had the experience of suffering with nail infections before, knowing which treatments are the most effective can help in winning the battle.

Using a treatment that is effective will help to kill nail fungus, and reduce the amount of infections that you have to live through by eliminating the traces of fungus.   You may have already consulted your medical professional regarding treatment.   If you have had a prescription from your doctor, you probably know that these medications are dangerous, expensive and require constant monitoring by your doctor.

Prescription treatments are not the only solution to kill nail fungus.   There are plenty of natural and non harmful treatments that are widely available.   There are only a few issues with these kinds of treatment, including the fact that you will have to determine which treatment will work best for you as well as the fact that the treatment duration can be pretty lengthy.

Once a treatment to kill nail fungus is selected by you, the main thing to remember is that you need to stay the course of treatment.   There is no point in starting a treatment and then discontinuing it as soon as you notice results.   Of course, most of us want immediate results, but that is not always possible.   The less severe the infection, the easier it is to treat it.   This is the main reason why you should keep a close eye on your toenails for any noticeable changes on a regular basis.   Prevention is your number one cure, but once you have an infection, you need to know which treatment works best for you.

Natural treatments featured on this page contain all natural and non harmful ingredients.   The benefits of all natural treatments are many, including low cost, no side effects, and effective relief of the symptoms of nail fungus.   There are many natural treatments, and the most important factor in using a natural treatment is to find one that works for you.

Every treatment takes a certain amount of time to be effective, and natural treatments can take much longer than prescription medications.   They are your best bet because they do not carry with them the risk of dangerous side effects that prescription medications do.   If you want an effective long term way to kill nail fungus, you should definitely try a product that contains natural treatments.

Types of Foot Fungus

Generally speaking, there are two types of foot fungus.   One type infects the foot, while the other infects the nails.   Both are curable, but for some reason not all people react with the same speed to the same type of medication.   Since there is a bit of difficulty with the medication process, the best thing to do is avoid getting the fungus.   This may prove difficult as well since the fungus exists everywhere, but there are some actions we may take to ensure that they stay away from us.

1)      Keep a strong immune system This is particularly important because there is fungus already in the environment, and all they are waiting for is a moment of weakness in order to penetrate our system.   Best thing to do is maintain a healthy diet, get exercise and get the prescribed amount of rest.   Very basic items that we tend to forget.
2)      Keep the feet clean Take time to clean the feet, especially between the toes.   Don’t give in to the temptation of just a cursory wipe when you’re already tired.   Leaving the feet dirty, especially when we sleep, would give the fungi time to multiply.
3)      Wear clean socks since we keep our feet in our shoes, some may want to repeat the socks they use for days on end.   This would not be hygienic, especially when the socks start to smell.   Remember, fungi love dark, damp places.   Socks, especially when kept inside the shoes, are the perfect breeding ground for fungi.   When they start to smell, chances are the fungi have already infected the sock.

If we find ourselves victims of the fungi though, we need not despair.   The first thing to be done is to make sure that it truly is a fungus and not something else.   Consulting a medical practitioner would take care of this, and it would come with advise regarding medication as well.   Listen carefully and follow the instructions that he provides.

For supplementary drugs, one may do a search on-line as well.   There are a lot of recommended natural drugs that could take care of the different types of foot fungus.   Just make sure to check the instructions of these natural drugs as well, and check the feedback also.   A lot of people post fake drugs on the internet just to make a sale, but they do no good for the feet.   Always go for those that are recommended by your physician, and take into consideration your budget as feet medication at times needs to be applied daily for months at a time before the proper effect is achieved.

Dead Toenail Treatment

It is important to know the basics of dead toenail treatment because the foot is always susceptible to injury.   So many things can happen to it, such as books being dropped on it or the toe getting stubbed on a very hard surface.   No matter what the reason, it would be best to take the following steps right after the unfortunate incident.

·      Raise the foot and wrap it in a sterile bandage.   This would alleviate the bleeding and cause the swelling to go down.   It wouldn’t be good to asses the situation right after because the foot may look worse than it actually is.
·      Once the swelling has gone down, check the status of the nail.   If there is swelling under the nail, but the toenail is still intact, a doctor may be needed to drain the toe.   Draining the toe would allow the swelling to go down even more and relieve the pressure under the toenail.
·      Determine if one would need to remove the toenail.   It would be best to leave it in place, but if there are lose pieces, they should be taken out.   If the whole toenail is already in danger of falling off, leaving it on may lead to its being rejected by the tissue around it.

It would be important to see a physician at the soonest possible time after the nail has been injured.   The physician will be able to determine, through his knowledge and experience, the best way to treat the nail.   Instructions will be given regarding nail care, and it is extremely important that these instructions be followed to the T.   The doctor would also be able to prescribe antibiotics for possible infections that may occur.

The nail is actually a barrier against infections.   If the nail is taken out, the body becomes susceptible to several other infections, so it would be important to keep the nail area clean and covered whenever travel is needed.   At home though, keeping the nail open and exposed to air would allow the injured area to dry up.   Once the area is dry, then the new nail can start growing.

There are steps that can be followed for dead toenail treatment.   However, since toes are involved in this, and the health of the toes are at stake, it would be best to seek medical attention when it is available.   It would also be good to know the steps as well just in case no doctor is available.

Weak Nails

We all tax our nails for different reasons, and these actions end up with us having weak nails.   These activities may be things that we even take for granted such as wearing acrylic nails, using our nails as tools or even just hand washing our favorite shirt.   Some actions expose our nails to chemicals that weaken our nails, others just add additional stress.   Whatever action we may have done, the important thing is that we are able to strengthen them again.   Here are a few tips to do just that:

1)      Use nail strengthening products there are a lot of these in the market.   They often boast of the things that they can do to nails, but make sure that you read the reviews.   This will help you avoid scams.   Also, avoid products that contain formaldehyde as these do not help strengthen the nails, but instead dry them up and cause them to be brittle.
2)      Eat well the growth of your nails depends on nutrients that you get from your food.   Make sure to maintain a balanced diet.   Take your fair share of fruits and green leafy vegetables for additional nutrients.   Vitamin, iron, calcium and zinc supplements may also help strengthening your nails.
3)      Wear gloves As stated above, we expose our nails to a lot of products that are harmful.   We may not be sure which are harmful and which are not, so make it a habit to wear gloves when dealing with water and other cleaning agents.
4)      Use cuticle oil When giving yourself manicures at night, apply cuticle oil.   This will help keep the cuticles soft and allow good and smooth growth of the nails.
5)      Consult a doctor some weak nails may be caused by infections and other attacks on our body. Though they may not look serious, some of them may turn out to be so if left unattended.   If something looks extremely unusual with the nail, then seek medical help.   Some doctors can find out a lot about our bodies through the nails, as they could indicate several things.

A lot of us don’t pay much attention to our fingernails.   It’s about time that we do, because they say a lot about how we take care of ourselves.   Good nails don’t usually get much attention.   But when one has a bad set of nails, everyone will be able to notice it, even when we try to hide them.   So stop taking them for granted and start paying attention to how they are treated!

Stronger Nails

Brittle nails may not be a sign of a fungal infection, but it may just indicate that the person needs stronger nails. Although made up of dead cells, nails, just like hair, can reflect the health of the owner. If a person lacks vitamins, it would translate to weaker nails that shatter quite easily. In order to have stronger nails, one would need to consider the following tips:

  1. Eat well as mentioned earlier, the nails reflect the overall health of a person. If a person lacks nutrition, one of the first body parts to suffer would be the nails. Eat well, and make sure to add fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet.
  2. Avoid soaking your nails in water water is bad for the nails. You may have noticed that after a long session of swimming, the nail would be soft. When it dries up, it could become brittle. Avoid long sessions with water. If you cannot due to your profession, then make sure to eat well as the nails would need all the extra vitamins.
  3. Don’t treat your nails as tools nails are handy hard and slim objects that may be used to peel stickers. As tempting as it may be, don’t do this as it adds extra stress to the nails. When you need a tool, get the appropriate tool. Overtaxing your nails may end up with you breaking one of them.
  4. Stop nail biting for obvious reasons. Nails gather germs, especially near the skin. Chewing on nails will transport the germs into the mouth, and end up with badly trimmed nails. And no one trusts a businessman with badly trimmed nails.
  5. Trim your nails and not with your teeth. Long nails make a person prone to broken nails. The longer the nail is, the weaker the tip will be. Keeping the nails trimmed will mean keeping the tip strong. If you wish to maintain long nails though, make sure to look for good supplements that will help maintain the nail’s strength.
  6. Wear gloves especially around the house, when doing chores. We handle chemicals that are bad for the nails very frequently. We just don’t know it. Wearing gloves would be a way of preventing exposure from materials that would be bad for both nails and hands.

These are just simple tips in order to have stronger nails. Remember though, whenever there is a sign of discomfort and weakness, seek medical help. What we consider as simple problems may not always be so, and it would be best to make sure that we are on the right track when maintaining healthy nails.