Stronger Nails

Brittle nails may not be a sign of a fungal infection, but it may just indicate that the person needs stronger nails. Although made up of dead cells, nails, just like hair, can reflect the health of the owner. If a person lacks vitamins, it would translate to weaker nails that shatter quite easily. In order to have stronger nails, one would need to consider the following tips:

  1. Eat well as mentioned earlier, the nails reflect the overall health of a person. If a person lacks nutrition, one of the first body parts to suffer would be the nails. Eat well, and make sure to add fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet.
  2. Avoid soaking your nails in water is bad for the nails. You may have noticed that after a long session of swimming, the nail would be soft. When it dries up, it could become brittle. Avoid long sessions with water. If you cannot due to your profession, then make sure to eat well as the nails would need all the extra vitamins.
  3. Don’t treat your nails as tools nails are handy hard and slim objects that may be used to peel stickers. As tempting as it may be, don’t do this as it adds extra stress to the nails. When you need a tool, get the appropriate tool. Overtaxing your nails may end up with you breaking one of them.
  4. Stop nail-biting for obvious reasons. Nails gather germs, especially near the skin. Chewing on nails will transport the germs into the mouth, and end up with badly trimmed nails. And no one trusts a businessman with badly trimmed nails.
  5. Trim your nails and not with your teeth. Long nails make a person prone to broken nails. The longer the nail is, the weaker the tip will be. Keeping the nails trimmed will mean keeping the tip strong. If you wish to maintain long nails though, make sure to look for good supplements that will help maintain the nail’s strength.
  6. Wear gloves especially around the house, when doing chores. We handle chemicals that are bad for the nails very frequently. We just don’t know it. Wearing gloves would be a way of preventing exposure from materials that would be bad for both nails and hands.

These are just simple tips in order to have stronger nails. Remember though, whenever there is a sign of discomfort and weakness, seek medical help. What we consider as simple problems may not always be so, and it would be best to make sure that we are on the right track when maintaining healthy nails.

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