Ridges on Toenails

There are a lot of reasons as to why one may find ridges on toenails.   Others find it a cause for concern, but end up finding out that this is perfectly normal.   Since there are quite a few reasons as to why one might have ridges on toenails, it would be good to go through each ridge type and find out the probable causes.

Vertical Toenail Ridges These are the ridges that extend from the root of the nail up until the top.   These are associated with age and are not known to indicate any medical condition.   Most are disturbed by it, but a simple nail file would be able to solve this problem.

Horizontal Toenail Ridges These ridges extend from side to side.   There are a number of reasons why this may be there.   The first may be a toenail injury.   The injury may have affected the root of the nail and caused a growth abnormality.   Time would truly solve this problem because this ridge would just grow naturally out of the toenail and get clipped or filed off.

Another reason for a horizontal toenail ridge would be malnutrition.   The growth of the nails are affected by the diet of a person, so to avoid ridges like this, check the diet of the person.   It should be a balanced diet, with a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables.   If this is the case and the problem is solved, the ridge would just grow out.

A fungal infection could also be the cause of a horizontal toenail ridge.   If this is the case, consult a doctor to see what type of infection this could be, and treat it accordingly.   Do not assume that it is an infection right away, as horizontal toenail ridges may be an indicator of something else, and if the wrong treatment is used, it could just worsen the situation.

Renal problems may also be the reason for the toenail ridges.   But once again, only a physician can confirm this.   If you are worried, consulting a physician could give you peace of mind.   The physician may order a set of tests for you, and these tests are what would indicate the real cause of the toe ridges.

It wouldn’t be good to assume what causes the ridges on toenails.   Just like everything else, consult a physician before hitting the panic button.   Once the physician has confirmed what is causing these ridges, then you can go ahead and take the proper steps in order to handle the root cause of the ridges.

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