Over the Counter Nail Fungus Treatments

over the counter nail fungus treatment

Are over the counter nail fungus treatments as effective as natural remedies such as the remedies that are reviewed on this website? First of all, we will discuss the remedies that you can purchase in your local drug store without a prescription. Many people believe that purchasing healthy alternatives to prescription drugs can be just as effective as natural treatments.

Tea Tree Oil – this is an all-natural fungicide, you can apply it to your nails several times daily, in order to slow down the fungal growth.
Hydrogen Peroxide – used to clean out open wounds, can reduce and clean the infection if applied to your toes regularly.
Listerine Mouth Wash – soak your feet in this for 10 – 15 minutes a day
Any type of antifungal treatment – topical treatments that you apply to your toes on a regular basis.
Treatments that are painted on – to the nail like a polish, but contain anti-fungal ingredients.

Some or all of these treatments may be effective, but the main problem is that they take a long time to work, and you will not see any difference at all for several months. If you are interested in treating the problem and seeing results, then over the counter nail fungus treatments may not be the answer that you seek.

There are many other much more effective treatments, and you do not have to take the prescription medication route, either. The main prescription that is given regularly to people who suffer from toenail fungus is Lamisil which can be very harmful to your liver.

Another aspect of over the counter nail fungus treatments is that they do not contain all of the effective ingredients in proper combination to effectively treat your problem. The products Zetaclear, Claripro, and Funginix are each very effective treatment that will eradicate your fungus problem and prevent it from returning. Why take chances with treatment? Do it right the first time with one of these proven products and never worry about it again.

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