Nail Infection Fungus Symptoms and Precautions

Nails, the keratin made an important part of our body can be damaged by some fungus infection like dermatophytes. Nails do not only protect our finger and toe tissues, but beautiful nails always help to enhance one’s personality. When attacked by fungus, the same can turn into a reason for shame and humiliation. The dermatophytes are fed by the keratin of nails which results in infection and further damage of the nails.

Generally unprotected nails get affected by a fungus infection. The symptoms are painful physically but it also adds to the embarrassment of the victim in front of others. The color of the nail gets changed into a pale yellowish pattern ultimately resulting in discoloration of the same. The shape and thickness change as well. A piece of debris builds up beneath the nails and that results in bad odor. The nail becomes brittle and a serious nail infection can ultimately result in nail loss. The situation becomes even worse when the fungi are able to penetrate themselves into the nails and the cure of such infections is both time-consuming and costly.

One of the few reasons behind nail infection is definitely lack of personal hygiene and some of the bad practices. It should be kept in mind that a fungus lives and develops in a warm, dirty and moist environment. So, when one uses dirty socks, then they are inviting fungus infection themselves. Tight-fitting shoes also result in sweating and ultimately creates a great place for fungus to live. The fashion of using acrylic nails is also a reason behind nail diseases as the strength of nails is lessened due to the application of such beauty treatment.

Good foot hygiene is always important to keep the nails free of any type of fungal infection. The nails should always be kept dry. Shoes should be avoided in public places like spas, pools or gyms and sandals should be used instead. Do not forget to clean feet each and every day, especially the nails and toes. Remember these fingernail fungi are contagious in nature, so these spreads widely in a very short period of time. So, it is always advisable not to share shoes, socks, sandals or other foot care items with the person affected or showing symptoms of nail disease.

All the precautions mentioned above are not guaranteed to keep one free from nail fungus infection diseases but these will lessen the chances at least. There are plenty of scientifically proved products that contain natural ingredients available in the market to help to cure these nail diseases. It is better to use them at the very first stage so that further decadency condition of nails can be avoided.

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