How Toenail Fungus Spreads

Do you know how toenail fungus spreads?

One of the best ways to prevent or reduce your chances of becoming infected with toenail fungus is to understand how toenail fungus spreads. You may not know that dermatophytes are a specific type of fungus that exists in many places, and these can easily grow under your toenail in the perfect, dark environment that is found there.

Of course, you may not even notice that you have been infected until you notice the side effects of the fungus, including thickening, darker nails which can be various colors. Eventually, the nail can start to become very unhealthy, brittle and crumbly. It is at this point that you may notice you have a problem, however, because you did not notice previously, this is how toenail fungus spreads to your other toes.

If you work in a construction type job where you are required to wear steel-toed boots and you tend to wear thick socks, there is a chance that you can damage your toenails because they tend to get moist. Once they are moist and you get some toenail fungus under one or more nails, this dark moist environment is how toenail fungus spreads.

Prescription medications are very effective in controlling the spread of the fungus, they need to be used over a long period of time, and such sustained use can promote many serious side effects. The list of serious side effects is frightening and at the top of it is damage to the liver and bone marrow. Honestly, it is really not worth putting your body at risk to get rid of toenail fungus. So what choices do you have?

There are plenty of over the counter remedies that you can buy at your local pharmacy. While these are effective in treating the immediate symptoms, they do not really have much effect over the long term. Instead of wasting your money on countless remedies that only give short term relief, consider instead natural remedies. Natural remedies are usually much safer than their prescription counterparts. Natural remedies tend to be much more affordable and they actually work to eradicate the fungus, not just the symptoms of the fungus.

Once you know how toenail fungus spreads, you can take steps to prevent infection or reinfection. Finding a good natural product, such as the products featured on this page is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Don t subject your body to harsh prescription side effects when there are so many effective and natural products available.

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