How To Treat Infected Cut On Toe

If you have a cut on your toe, you will want more information on how to treat an infected cut on toe areas.   The best way to deal with this is to:

*Soak your entire foot in Epsom salts and warm water.   Once you have done this, thoroughly dry your foot.
*Rinse the cut with hydrogen peroxide or some other antiseptic to remove any bacteria.
*Use an antibiotic lotion and spread it over the cut, allowing it to be absorbed into the cut.
*Cover the area with sterile gauze and then an adhesive bandage and keep it dry.
*Check under the bandage several times per day and re-apply the antibiotic lotion several times per day for up to four days.

Keep a watchful eye on your toe and the area surrounding it.   If at any time you notice streaks running from the cut up your foot and continuing towards your leg, you have a serious infection and you should seek medical treatment immediately.

At that time you will probably be prescribed an antibiotic to combat the infection.   It is important to recognize the signs of serious infection, and these include:

*High fever.
*Extreme pain and redness around the site of the infection.
*Streaks emanating from the affected area and running towards your heart.
*Inflammation or swelling.

Keeping the cut clean and covered with antibiotic lotion is important because if it is not infected, you want to keep the infection from setting in.   Check the cut daily for three to four days and repeat the treatment course listed here.   If the infection does not start to clear up after the four-day mark, you should seek medical attention.   Most often, though, this will resolve the infection.

If you do not want to use antibacterial lotions or do not have any on hand, there are some home remedies that you can use for cuts, including:

*Honey simply apply a drop or two to the cut and cover with a sterile gauze bandage;
*Garlic crush it and apply it to your cut, cover it with a sterile gauze bandage;
*Turmeric powder contains fluoride sprinkle it over the cut and cover with a sterile gauze bandage.

Leaving an infected cut untreated can lead to serious complications, so it is very important to not only treat the cut but to follow up daily with the treatment and get rid of the infection.

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