Fungus and Ingrown Toenail Problems

The older we get it seems people are inclined to have more trouble with toenail problems, however; in that respect are definite results that could affect almost anyone. When you go through any problems that concern your feet, it could be painful when you walk or you might not be able to get sufficient exercise and might even affect or disturb your sleep. It’s crucial to give proper care for your feet to avoid having toenail problems.

Your toenails have several parts:

* The matrix  is the live part of the nail. It is directly behind and underneath the nail fold and produces keratin which grows the nail plate . If the matrix sustains damage, the nail plate s growth will be directly affected.

* The Lunula is the small half-moon shaped white area at the base of your nail and is the only part of the matrix that is visible.

* The Eponychium is the dead skin that forms around the cuticle. This dead skin can be removed and/or trimmed and tends to build up more with males than females.

* The Paronychium is the live skin around the cuticle that protects the matrix.

* The Hyponychium is the area where the nail plate and nail bed are attached and is located at the end of the nail. The nail plate is the actual nail  that is made up of layers of keratin. The nail bed is the tissue located under your nail, and when the nail bed is normal and healthy, it makes your nails appear pink.

* The nail fold  is the skin that surrounds the nail. The free edge  is the end of the nail that extends past the finger and is the part that you trim. You should take care not to trim the free edge  too short in order to prevent toenail problems.

An ingrown toenail can be especially painful and may lead to serious infection if not treated within a reasonable period of time. Ingrown toenails are caused by a variety of things. Trimming your toenails at an incorrect angle and rounding off the edges is the number one cause of this condition. Some other common causes are stubbing your toe (trauma), nails that naturally grow curving down towards the skin (eventually digging into the skin) and wearing tight shoes, causing your toes to rub directly on the front of your shoes.

Inflamed skin beside your toenails that was caused by infection from bacteria will cause pain, redness, and swelling. Eventually, this will lead to toenail problems such as toenail fungus and infection, therefore it has to be addressed sooner instead of later.

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