Dead Toenail Treatment

It is important to know the basics of dead toenail treatment because the foot is always susceptible to injury.   So many things can happen to it, such as books being dropped on it or the toe getting stubbed on a very hard surface.   No matter what the reason, it would be best to take the following steps right after the unfortunate incident.

·      Raise the foot and wrap it in a sterile bandage.   This would alleviate the bleeding and cause the swelling to go down.   It wouldn’t be good to asses the situation right after because the foot may look worse than it actually is.
·      Once the swelling has gone down, check the status of the nail.   If there is swelling under the nail, but the toenail is still intact, a doctor may be needed to drain the toe.   Draining the toe would allow the swelling to go down even more and relieve the pressure under the toenail.
·      Determine if one would need to remove the toenail.   It would be best to leave it in place, but if there are loose pieces, they should be taken out.   If the whole toenail is already in danger of falling off, leaving it on may lead to its being rejected by the tissue around it.

It would be important to see a physician at the soonest possible time after the nail has been injured.   The physician will be able to determine, through his knowledge and experience, the best way to treat the nail.   Instructions will be given regarding nail care, and it is extremely important that these instructions be followed to the T.   The doctor would also be able to prescribe antibiotics for possible infections that may occur.

The nail is actually a barrier against infections.   If the nail is taken out, the body becomes susceptible to several other infections, so it would be important to keep the nail area clean and covered whenever travel is needed.   At home though, keeping the nail open and exposed to air would allow the injured area to dry up.   Once the area is dry, then the new nail can start growing.

There are steps that can be followed for dead toenail treatment.   However, since toes are involved in this, and the health of the toes are at stake, it would be best to seek medical attention when it is available.   It would also be good to know the steps as well just in case no doctor is available.

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