Curing Fungus Toes

Tired of having fungus toes? Considered as a form of nail infection, one can get this by trimming the nails too short or having some small cuts in the perimeter of the nail. Cuts around the nails are also invitations for a fungi colony. It is easy to know whether the nail is infected or not by checking the discoloration in the toenail, crumbling of nails, or the brittleness of nails. Some of these symptoms are also, sometimes, accompanied by discomfort and mild painful feeling in affected nails. If there is already pain involved, that case immediately needs treatment.

In general, there are plenty of home remedies available for fungus toes including Vinegar, Vick’s, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc. Despite being popular among masses as a cure for nail infection, these do not give as good results as topical medicines. Additionally, they cannot cure the nail infections completely. Most of these home remedies are pretty cheap but does it make any sense if you lose your nail just for the sake of saving some extra money?

Actually a cough suppressant topical analgesic, Vick’s also comes handy in curing fungus toes. It is pretty easy to buy (Available almost in any shop all around the world) and pretty cheap as well. You need to rub this twice a day in your nails for results. But, your nail gets darkened after usage of Vick’s. The fungus is not cleaned either; it is only temporarily prevented from spreading. Sometimes, Vick’s causes allergies also.

Found in almost every single home, vinegar is one of the most popular cures for fungus toes. Fungi cannot stand acid environment and that is why vinegar works against nail infection. But, due to the same acidic property, it can even cause poisoning to the skin. Though, this may vary from person to person, why take the risk when vinegar does not give fast results either?

Hydrogen Peroxide
The oxygen in this product directly attacks the cellular of the fungi to cure fungus toes. Though a cheap remedy, it may not show good results against severe nail infection. The situation can even get worse if you use a highly concentrated solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.

It is always ideal to use different topical medicines out there in the market. These have the ingredients in proper ratio and thus become more useful than any of the home remedies.

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