Causes of Slow Growing Toenails

People wonder about the causes of slow-growing toenails because they think that their toenails have stopped growing. They reach this conclusion because they haven’t cut their toenails in quite a while, or a certain blemish is present in a certain area that they are waiting to get rid of, and it just isn’t growing out!

The truth of the matter is that toenails do not grow as quickly as fingernails. If you place a dot at the bottom of your toenail and the bottom of your fingernail, you would notice that the dot on your fingernail would grow out faster. It is estimated that the fingernail grows twice as fast as a toenail.

If you really are worried about your toenail, take time to pay attention to it. Look at the color. If it’s yellowish or brownish, somewhat sickly looking, then there is the probability of an infection. Infections leave nails soft and brittle, and that would result in the nail crumbling and remaining short. If this is so, and there seems to be an unusually unpleasant smell about your foot then you may need to resort to anti-fungal treatments.

You may also want to pay attention to your footwear. If you wear a shoe too small for your size, the nail may have a hard time growing out. That has to be remedied immediately as that could result in a portion of your nail growing into the skin. Both skin and nail could be infected then and could lead to a doctor pulling the nail out to allow a totally new nail to grow through. That process is a long one, and not a very comfortable one either so to avoid this, wear a shoe about half a size larger than your true foot size.

Walking barefoot could also trim your nail without you knowing it, so pay attention to your activities. If the nail is exposed to sand and other hard objects, at may get grazed and naturally get trimmed. If this is the case, then there is nothing to worry about.

Nails with stunted growths are really rare cases. Before you panic, make sure that you have reviewed the causes of slow-growing toenails and dismissed every reason as not applicable to you. Check also if there is discomfort in any area of your foot. If you find something wrong or strange, consult a doctor. Otherwise, you’re totally fine. Your nail may just grow unusually slow, but it does grow, and that’s a good thing.

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