Brittle Cracking Toenails

While having brittle cracking toenails is not always a sign of a serious problem, it can be one of the most obvious symptoms of toenail fungus or fungal infection.   Sometimes the symptoms can be a result of poor diet or health problems.   People who have diabetes tend to have many issues with their nails because one symptom is very poor circulation.

When you have circulation issues, one of the main areas that will be adversely affected is your extremities and the nails happen to be located at the ends of those extremities.   Poor circulation leads to a lack of nutrition to your nails, and this can cause brittle cracking toenails.   Another cause of this condition can be a serious fungal nail infection.

Fungal infections are very treatable, however, they are much easier to treat when they are caught early on.   If an infection has spread to the point that your nail is cracking or crumbling or has become brittle, then you can be assured that the infection has taken hold of your nail and it will take much longer to treat than if you had caught it earlier.   Of course, it is difficult to notice fungal infections early because they begin underneath the nail, providing a perfect environment for the fungus to grow in and spread.

Once you have more severe symptoms, the infection is usually quite advanced.   This is not something to be alarmed about, many people have these fungal infections.   Sometimes the infection remains in one isolated area or toe, or it can spread between the toes.   While prescription medications are effective, they are also expensive and can have some very serious side effects.

This does not mean you have to go with home remedies such as putting Vick s Vapor Rub on your nails.   There are plenty of treatments that are very effective in treating these infections and they contain 100% natural ingredients that do not have harmful side effects.   While most people do not notice a nail infection until it is advanced, they do have access to many effective treatments.

Over the counter treatments that contain natural ingredients are less expensive and just as effective as prescription drugs.   Powerful ingredients including various essential oils and natural anti-fungal can be found in products found on this page.   The sooner you find a solution to treat your brittle cracking toenails, the better you will be able to get them under control and on the road to recovery.

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