Cause of Splitting Toenails

The cause of splitting toenails can be traced back to infection or toenail fungus.   Toenail fungus has many adverse side effects, but when left untreated, your toenails can become extremely brittle and may split.

If your infection has gone untreated for quite some time and you have this kind of side effect, you are probably looking for some sort of treatment that will provide you with relief.   Many natural products are preferable over prescription medications.   There are plenty of good reasons for this.

First off, natural products contain essential oils which can moisturize your nails and rehydrate them, replacing the infected nail with healthy nail over time.   These remedies are also designed to kill the fungus which is the root cause of splitting toenails.   It is advisable to kill a fungus before treating the side effects that it can have, as side effects are often the superficial indicators of underlying infection.

Second, natural products have no adverse side effects.   Prescription medications that are used specifically for toenail fungus can be very dangerous.   You may not know this, but most doctors need to monitor their patients very closely with these kinds of prescriptions for any adverse effects.   This is because they can affect your organs and cause failure or shut down.   Natural products contain no dangerous ingredients and if you are currently taking any other medications, you need not worry about drug interactions.

Third, natural products are relatively inexpensive.   Prescription medications are costly and not always covered by medical insurance.   Most medical insurance companies will not cover the cost of these expensive medications without specific testing.   Of course, the cost of these tests can also be expensive and your doctor may be hesitant to order the necessary tests if your infection is not obvious or advanced.

Of course, many people do not let a toenail infection get to the point where the nail splits, but it may be that this is a symptom that happens almost overnight.   If you have not noticed any other symptoms and are unaware of any infection, then this can be a symptom that is not only unexpected, but also painful.   The bed of your nail is a sensitive area and is generally protected by a nail.

Often natural remedies containing essential oils can be one of the most effective treatments available.   Treating the cause of splitting toenails is easier when you understand toenail fungus and how to effectively treat it.

Wearing Nail Polish With Toenail Fungus

Wearing nail polish with toenail fungus can be a major reason why you cannot eliminate your toenail fungus.   Your nail is a porous covering that protects your nail bed from damage and disease.

When a toenail fungus gets under your nail bed, wearing nail polish with toenail fungus can mean that it is not possible to treat the fungus effectively.   Nail polish seals your toenail, effectively sealing in the fungus and protecting the fungus from your particular course of treatment.   This is especially true with topical treatments.   If you want to treat your fungus, you will need to remove the nail polish.

In addition, it can be easy to miss the fact that you have a nail fungus infection if you are wearing nail polish.   You cannot detect any color changes in your nail if it is painted with a polish.   Sometimes a nail polish can take several months to grow out before you remove it or simply reapply more polish onto your nail.   In this way, toenail fungus can get out of control and before you even realize that you have toenail fungus, it is too late.

If you do your own pedicures at home, you should make a point of inspecting your nails often, at least once every two to three weeks.   Make sure that you fully remove all nail polish, clean and trim your nails, push back the cuticles or trim them when necessary.   It is far better to use a cuticle remover solution than to attempt to trim the cuticles as cuticles can easily become infected.

Toenail fungus grows slowly and so it may be some time before your notice any adverse effects from that fungal growth.   By that time, it may be difficult to treat the fungus, and this is a good reason to use an oral spray medication.   Spraying a medication orally into your mouth ensures that it quickly gets into the bloodstream to attack and kill fungus.   Your nails are fed by numerous blood vessels, so this is a good way to treat the infection.

Natural remedies are safe and effective treatments against nail fungal infections.   They are cost effective and affordable, and they often contain many essential oils that have no side effects as prescription medications do.   If you insist on wearing nail polish with toenail fungus, then try a nail polish featured below on this page.

Topical Antifungal

Using a topical antifungal can be an effective way to eliminate toenail fungus.   You may have tried other treatments in the past, and may not have considered topical antifungal treatments before.

The very make up of your nail and how it operates can be the key to treatment.   Your nail is not a solid structure, in fact, it is porous and can absorb liquids through the nail and into the nail bed.   Your toe nail is designed to protect the nail bed from infection and damage; however, it is capable of absorbing anything that is applied to it directly.

Using a topical treatment can be very effective, depending on the type of infection that you have.   Certain fungus infections affect the top area of the nail, including white superficial onychomycosis.   Topical treatments can effectively eliminate the infection as well as working to prevent reinfection.

Topical treatments are widely available as solutions, sprays, creams or lotions and are usually applied twice daily to the affected nail and surrounding skin for up to six months.   While this may seem like a very long time, this is a realistic estimate of how much time it can take to kill toenail fungus.

If you have any concerns about using oral treatments or medications, topical treatments can be a great alternative.   In addition, there are rarely any side effects from natural topical antifungal treatments.   Natural remedies are just as effective as prescription treatments and they are much less expensive.   In addition, prescription treatments may cause blistering, redness, itching, dryness or irritation.

Most natural topical treatments contain essential oils, so they do not carry any risk with them when used on your nails.   It can be frustrating as well as embarrassing to deal with toenail fungus, but it is a highly treatable condition.   Using natural products is one of the safest methods of treatment and also one of the lowest cost options.

While it may be our first instinct to see visit our doctor to treat problems such as toenail fungus, it is not entirely necessary.   Your doctor will prescribe an antifungal medication which will be expensive, may have adverse and dangerous side effects, and after all is said and done, may not improve the appearance of your nail.   Many topical treatments are effective ways to deal with your toenail fungus.   In addition, topical antifungal treatments can also improve the appearance of your nails, making them look and feel healthier.

Quality Nail Fungus Treatment

What are the main factors in a quality nail fungus treatment?   There are several aspects that should be carefully taken into consideration before you make a final decision on your course of treatment.
What are the ingredients contained in the treatment?

Going with all natural ingredients has many advantages, including no side effects and no risk of harm to your health.   In addition, if you are taking any other types of medications, there is no risk of adverse drug interactions.

What does the treatment cost?

Many prescription medications are very expensive.   This can make them unaffordable for the people who need them the most.   Prescriptions are not the only course of treatment, many natural remedies are just as effective, although they may take a longer time to show any results.

How is the treatment taken?

Whether a quality nail fungus treatment is taken orally or is applied topically, either can be just as effective.   You need to decide which treatment you are more likely to continue with.   The main factor in treatment is keeping up the course of treatment and seeing it through until the fungus is completely eliminated.   Topical treatments, while effective, can take a bit longer to show results, because they need to reach the nail bed and if your nails are thickened, this can take more time.   There are also oral spray options that can be very effective, such as Claripro because the oral spray can get into your bloodstream very quickly.

Are there any special offers associated with your choice in treatment?

For example, if you decide to go with an online offer, is there an incentive in buying quantity as well as a single purchase?   Often when you factor in the cost of a treatment and weight it in conjunction with a free bottle offer, you can get some great value with online offers.

You may need to try several treatments before you find one that works best for you.   Choosing a quality nail fungus treatment is not difficult when you keep the foregoing factors in mind when you are making your final selection.   Many natural remedies contain essential oils that can contribute to healthy looking nails while penetrating and attacking fungus under the nails.

Whichever remedy you choose, you should also ensure that it treats all symptoms of your fungus simultaneously.   When the fungus is treated effectively, this is the best way to get relief from all of the symptoms. Choosing a quality nail fungus treatment can be difficult with all of the great choices available, however, once you find one that works, you are on your way to eliminating annoying nail fungus.