Causes of Slow Growing Toenails

People wonder about the causes of slow growing toenails because they think that their toenails have stopped growing. They reach this conclusion because they haven’t cut their toenails in quite a while, or a certain blemish is present in a certain area that they are waiting to get rid of, and it just isn’t growing out!

The truth of the matter is that toenails do not grow as quickly as fingernails. If you place a dot at the bottom of your toenail and the bottom of your fingernail, you would notice that the dot on your fingernail would grow out faster. It is estimated that the fingernail grows twice as fast as a toenail.

If you really are worried about your toenail, take time to pay attention to it. Look at the color. If it’s yellowish or brownish, somewhat sickly looking, then there is the probability of an infection. Infections leave nails soft and brittle, and that would result in the nail crumbling and remaining short. If this is so, and there seems to be an unusually unpleasant smell about your foot then you may need to resort to anti-fungal treatments.

You may also want to pay attention to your footwear.. If you wear a shoe too small for your size, the nail may have a hard time growing out. That has to be remedied immediately as that could result in a portion of your nail growing into the skin. Both skin and nail could be infected then, and could lead to a doctor pulling the nail out to allow a totally new nail to grow through. That process is a long one, and not a very comfortable one either so to avoid this, wear a shoe about half a size larger than your true foot size.

Walking barefoot could also trim your nail without you knowing it, so pay attention to your activities. If the nail is exposed to sand and other hard objects, at may get grazed and naturally get trimmed. If this is the case, then there is nothing to worry about.

Nails with stunted growths are really rare cases. Before you panic, make sure that you have reviewed the causes of slow growing toenails and dismissed every reason as not applicable to you. Check also if there is discomfort in any area of your foot. If you find something wrong or strange, consult a doctor. Otherwise, you’re totally fine. Your nail may just grow unusually slow, but it does grow, and that’s a good thing.

Bad Fungus Infections

When talking about bad fungus infections, I always refer to the time when my brother came home from an outreach program complaining that his nails were feeling strange. Being a nurse, he was often sent to poverty stricken areas to offer assistance to those in need. Those areas were not the cleanest places to work in. At that time, we didn’t give his complaint much thought, thinking that as he was in the medical field, someone at work should be able to help him out. That proved to be a mistake.

By the next week, he had no nails.

This is often the situation when dealing with fungus infections, especially those in the nails. Since they are easy to hide and deny, people often do just that. The thing is, small problems often lead to bigger problems, and problems, once big enough, turn out to be very difficult to deny and solve. This is also true of full blown fungus infections.

Fungi are live organisms that feed on organic materials. We see them often as mushrooms when we walk around parks, and one would notice that these tend to grow in dark and damp areas. This is especially true, and since they feed on organic matter, then can also live and grow on the skin and nails. It becomes difficult to treat though as some of the prescribed treatments can also affect the healthy tissue of the patient, causing discomfort and lengthening the healing process.

It was a good thing that a friend recommended Nail-Rx by Native Remedies. My brother didn’t even want to try it at first even when he was given a free bottle to begin with, but with him losing what else was remaining of his nails, we decided to give it a shot. Applying the medicine three times a day directly on the area, we waited for the effects.

Effects don’t come overnight, and additional applications do not speed up the healing process. Some relief was experienced upon application, but effects were noticeable in the middle of the second week. The tissue on the nail bed looked healthier, and my brother wasn’t as irritable as he was before then. Things eventually normalized, and now he’s back to his regular self, healthy nails and all.

It really isn’t pleasant when one experiences bad fungus infections, but its something that most people go through. Ignoring the situation wouldn’t let the whole thing go away though. Seek medical help, and faithfully do what needs to be done. The sooner a problem is addressed, the sooner things will get back to normal, and that is just what we need in our life.

Acrylic Nail Fungus

Some people believe that acrylic nail fungus is a type of fungus that infects only those who wear acrylic nails. This is far from the truth. First of all, the fungi does not attack the acrylic nails. It attacks the real nail under the false one. This fungus is the same one that attacks any other fingernail of any human being.   There are no fungi that affect acrylic nails because fungi thrive on biological materials, and it won’t be able to feed off acrylic nails.

The first thing to do when infected with a fungus is to take off the acrylic nail and expose the real one. As embarrassing as this may be, it is the best way because fungi thrive in dark and damp areas, and to keep the acrylic nail on is to maintain a place where the fungus could thrive. Taking off the false nail would help in stopping the growth and multiplication of the infection.

The cure does not stop there though. The fungus is a live organism, and it has to be killed. The first thing to do is consult a doctor to confirm that what is on your fingertips is indeed a fungus and not something else. Once this is confirmed, then you can go about killing the microorganisms that are causing you shame. You may do this by taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor you just consulted, or you may go on-line for alternative solutions.

Several alternative solutions exist for nail fungus. They may come in different forms such as creams or drops, but the important thing about these is that they are all natural and organic. This ensures that they do not have harmful chemicals that would also end up killing the healthy skin that is underneath the fungi. Most of these medications are also applied directly to the infected area, so it lessens the possibility of counteracting whatever other drugs you may be taking.

There are several ways to get rid of acrylic nail fungus. Before purchasing any medication though, make sure that you read the feedback regarding the medicine. Some alternative solutions are there as scams, so make sure to see good reviews regarding the product. Don’t just base it on the site information, but go to forums as well as other trusted sources. Once you are sure of your product, you may go on ahead and cure yourself of the fungus that disturbs you and live a life free of fungus worries.

Overall Look Of Your Nails

The overall look of your nails influences the approach to life of everybody and then damaged nails can easily have an impact on everyone also.

Are you living each day having thick, unappealing nails which you usually are ashamed of showing in public places? You simply can’t go out without having to cover them all up? Sometimes it is not easy when your on vacation on a trip or by the pool or only relaxing and wish to take off your shoes in front of others. You would like to just cover your own fingers or toes if you notice the wonderful nails others enjoy yet dislike the thought of artificial fingernails too.

Will you refrain from putting on flip flops or open-toed footwear due to the fact that will just expose your little secret to the world? Women of all ages these days experience a hard time getting ready for a special event without needing their toes shown. What person won’t want to head out in the best styles?

Several of today’s remedies for damaged nails include unneeded negative effects. Pretty much looking at the labels on products or watching TV advertisements for nail treatments is frightening and frequently bogus. You can find successful natural treatments with regard to this problem that won’t trigger undesirable results.

It is well known fact that the well being of somebody is confirmed in the individuals nails.

For healthy nails the ideal product intended for giving you lucid, healthful nails must:

* Encourage Healthful Clear Looking Nails

* Include a Topical Device

* Be Drug free, Risk-free and Beneficial

* Be Simple and Easy to Apply

Research has been done for you here and you can discover how you can easily possess stunning, wholesome nails now as well as in the long term.