Ways To Prevent a Fungus Toenail Infection from Becoming Reality

There are ways to avoid a toenail fungus infection. Good personal hygiene is the key to healthy toenails.

*Clip your toenails straight across, don’t round off the edges. If your toenails are thick, file down the thickened areas. Leaving your nails short, dry and clean.

*After a shower or bath make sure your feet are completely dry, pay particular attention to between your toes. Don’t disturb the skin around your nails, this will only invite germs to your nails.

*If you have sweaty feet you’ll want to wear suitable socks that will keep moisture away. Cotton socks are better than wool socks for keeping your feet dryer. If you find your feet sweating during the day you should change your socks often. If appropriate, take your shoes off during the day. Wear different shoes everyday allowing shoes to dry out.

*It will help to keep your feet dry with a medicated powder on your feet as well as inside your shoes.

*Wear shoes or flip flops at public places like when visiting public pools, showers and locker rooms. A fungus toenail infection can spread from person to person.

*If getting a   manicure or pedicure you want to go to a place that practices good hygiene. The implements they use should be clean and sterile. If allowed you can bring your own. Better safe than sorry.

*Keep your hands clean. Washing your hands after contact with a fungus toenail infection can prevent nail fungus from spreading to other nails, because it will.

*Don’t wear nail polish. This keeps air from the nail and moisture in and may make the infection worse. Same goes for artificial nails.

Follow this advise and you are certainly on your way to healthy toenails. If you are currently having a toenail fungus infection, you may want to see your doctor. It’s good to get advise from your doctor, but remember that some medications from your doctor may have a adverse affect on your body. It’s best to use a product that contains natural ingredients. The products shown here on this review site all use natural ingredients and are completely safe to use with no side effects.

Nail Infection Fungus Symptoms and Precautions

Nails, the keratin made important part of our body can be damaged by some fungus infection like dermatophytes. Nails do not only protect our finger and toe tissues, but beautiful nails always help to enhance ones personality. When, attacked by fungus, the same can turn into a reason of shame and humiliation. The dermatophytes are fed by the keratin of nails which results into infection and further damage of the nails.

Generally unprotected nails get affected by a fungus infection. The symptoms are painful physically but it also adds to the embarrassment of the victim in front of others. The color of the nail gets changed into a pale yellowish pattern ultimately resulting into discoloration of the same. The shape and thickness change as well. A piece of debris builds up beneath the nails and that results in bad odor. The nail becomes brittle and a serious nail infection can ultimately result into nail loss. Situation becomes even worse when the fungi are able to penetrate themselves into the nails and cure of such infections are both time consuming and costly.

One of the few reasons behind nail infection is definitely lack of personal hygiene and some of the bad practices. It should be kept in mind that a fungus lives and develops in warm, dirty and moist environment. So, when one uses dirty socks, then they are inviting fungus infection themselves. Tight fitting shoes also result sweating and ultimately creates a great place for fungus to live at. The fashion of using acrylic nails is also a reason behind nail diseases as the strength of nails is lessened due to apply of such beauty treatment.

Good foot hygiene is always important to keep the nails free of any type of fungal infection. The nails should always be kept dry. Shoes should be avoided in public places like spa, pools or gyms and sandals should be used instead. Do not forget to clean feet each and every day, especially the nails and toes. Remember these fingernail fungi are contagious in nature, so these spreads widely in a very short period of time. So, it is always advisable not to share shoes, socks, sandals or other feet care items with the person affected or showing symptoms of nail disease.

All the precautions mentioned above are not guaranteed to keep one free from nail  fungus infection diseases but these will lessen the chances at least. There are plenty of scientifically proved products that contain natural ingredients available in the market to help curing these nail diseases. It is better to use them at the very first stage so that further decadency condition of nails can be avoided.

Toenail Fungus Needs the Right Treatment

As tenacious as toenail fungus is, it is also a very common condition. Both men and women can be infected with toenail fungus. A stubborn, obstinate, relentless, nasty disease if not treated properly can keep coming back. Managing the fungus can be a burdensome problem for the one who suffers. Not only that, the very visual aspect of it is not a sight to behold. Ugly doesn’t begin to describe it, but it’s a start. Irritating and painful are among the conditions that come with a fungal toenail infection. You should not wait to treat it. It should be dealt with at first sight.

If left untreated, toenail fungus becomes super tough to contend with in the long run. You want to visit a doctor if you notice any change in your toenail, like discoloration. He can give you choices for medication but remember that some prescription medicines can have serious side effects and can be rather pricey.   Some herbal remedies are not effective if used alone. Also home remedies such as using vinegar or Listerine may work to get rid of toenail fungus, but not good enough to keep it away. In other words, they just don’t work.

A lot of people have sampled home remedies when trying to cure toenail fungus. I have heard of using Listerine or vinegar and even beer as options. Truthfully, they just present false hope of playing a part to get rid of the fungus. Nevertheless, if the fungus has gone deep in the nail bed it may recall and you’re back at where you started with all that time and exertion squandered. The safest technique that I know of and is a growing favorite, is a product that comprises natural ingredients that will get deep in the nail bed and do away with that nail fungus for good.

You need a topical product that contains natural ingredients that will get deep in the nail bed.

Infected Nail – Proper Blend of Oils and Acids Do the Trick

A nail infected can be an object of shame for those suffering as those nails do not really look good. The nails become yellowish in color, they turn thicker and also brittle. Odor coming out of them makes the situation even worse. Infected people try hard to get rid of these fungus’s and start out applying some of the home remedies. But, as they do not know the proper procedure to be undertaken, these do not work. Always remember, these home remedies are not scientifically proved so it may not be safe to use them. There are plenty of natural oils and acids that are of some help though:
Tea Tree Oil
Not the same as tea oil, tea tree oil or melaleuca oil is a golden hydrophobic oil. The oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia, native to New South Wales. Not only anti-fungal, but this oil works fine as an antiseptic or antibacterial as well.
This oil does not have any side effects as such when compared to most of the home remedies and works wonder for curing an infected nail. Before applying tea tree oil, the nail should be filed down. Then, oil should be directly applied either by a toothbrush or cotton wool. The feet can also be soaked in a bowl filled with the oil. If the nail cannot be removed before applying oil, the oil can also be injected.
Olive Oil
Originated in Asia Minor, this is fruit oil extracted from Olive.   Commonly used as a soap ingredient or fuel, it is known to only a few people that it can also work against nail infection.
Remember one thing; olive oil should be mixed properly with oregano oil for proper functioning. The mixture can be applied gently to an infected nail for cure. Olive oil is also mixed sometimes with tea tree oil to lessen the irritation side effect of the latter.
Undecylenic Acid
An unsaturated fatty acid derived from castor oil, undecylenic or undecenoic acid which is used to make perfumes or aromas in general works fine against nail fungus as well.
Though the proper mechanism of this oil is yet to be discovered, this natural fungicide attacks nail fungus and prevents any further growth. It works best if applied in a proper mix with other medicines.

It is always to be remembered that these oils and acids only provide temporary cure to a nail infected but they cannot prevent the disease from coming back again.   It is always advised to use products which use these oils or acids as an ingredient and use a proper combination so that the nail fungus does not come back again.